If you are a whiskey lover looking for the best whiskey cocktails in 2023, you know that "whiskey" is a general term. Whiskey is any spirit distilled from malted grain. Malted grain is made by soaking and drying cereal grain to change its flavor. 

The most common malted grain is barley; other grains are also malted. Whiskey makers craft the drink using malted barley or rye. Changes in how or where the distillation occurs further changes the taste and the classification of Whiskey. 

To be called "Scotch Whiskey," the spirit must be distilled in Scotland. The Irish Whiskey Jamison has a different presentation because it is distilled three times instead of the usual two. Rye Whiskey falls into the "single malt" classification, and many whiskeys use more than one grain. Bourbon Whiskey must have more than 51% Corn and consequently is sweeter.

Let's celebrate a new year and a fantastic spread of whiskey cocktails with a specialty drink for each month of the year! 

A Whiskey Cocktail for Each Month of 2023

Each month of the year offers a season or holiday that serves as inspiration for the best Whiskey cocktails of the year. Grab a glass, and let's dive into our exploration of the best Whisky cocktails for 2023. As always, please drink responsibly.

January - New York Cocktail

New Year's Eve is technically in December; however, the celebration spills into January at midnight. Why the New York Cocktail is made with Canadian Whiskey is a mystery, but it serves as the basis for this delicious drink. Combine Canadian Whiskey, grenadine, lime juice, and simple sugar to taste. Shake well and serve over ice.

February - Diamondback

February's best whiskey cocktail focuses on Valentine's Day! Of course, this drink is an excellent follow-up to the diamond you may give or get on this special day. Mix Rye Whiskey, Apple Brandy, and Yellow Chartreuse (an herbal liquor) to taste. Shake well and serve over ice. For variety, try a different flavored brandy.

March - The Irish Derby

Nobody should be surprised that this month's feature revolves around St. Patrick's Day. After all, everyone's Irish on this green-tinged holiday! Shake in ice Irish Whiskey, sweet vermouth, Cointreau, lime juice, and bitters. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with lime peel.

April - Chocolate Old Fashion

Easter is on April 9th, 2023, so think of chocolate Easter bunnies as you enjoy this cocktail. This mix is a traditional Old Fashioned using chocolate whiskey. Because the spirit is naturally sweet, there is no need for added sugar when muddling the orange and cherry. Coat the rim of an Old Fashioned glass before straining the drink. 

May - Spiked Basil Sweet Tea

Spring is budding at this point, full of energy. To keep up, make a pitcher of this whiskey cocktail with some power. Make hot tea with ten teabags and add sugar, orange slices, lime slices, crumbled basil leaves, and a pinch of baking soda to a pitcher. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Fill with cold water and stir again. Add to a glass of ice with a generous amount of Whiskey of choice.

June - The Graduate

There are a lot of graduation ceremonies in June, so what better drink to celebrate academic achievement? Add tangerine syrup and Scotch Whiskey to an Irish coffee glass with mint leaves. Add cinnamon and cloves. Top with hot tea and stir gently. Mazel Tov!

July - Whiskey Lemonade

July 4th is known for its outdoor celebrations. The kids will be drinking lemonade; why join them in your own way? Simple and refreshing, you can make this cocktail in bulk for easy serving. Start with muddle mint (or rosemary) and add bourbon whiskey (or any whiskey), lemonade (either homemade or store-bought), shake and serve over ice. Garnish with another sprig of either mint or rosemary. If you don't use the sweeter bourbon whisky, add a little honey or maple syrup to taste.

August - Classic Moscow Mule

Summer's long, hot dog days deserve a mule to help you. The secret to a mule is ginger beer. Mix bourbon whiskey with ginger beer and lime juice and serve with a mint leaf garnish over ice. In the 1940s, bartenders served this drink in a copper mug to advertise these drinking vessels. However, this cocktail is just as bubbly and refreshing on a hot day in any glassware.

September - Whiskey Smash

Labor Day Bar-B-Q's are an American tradition, and so is Whiskey – a match made in heaven. This classic whiskey cocktail is in some of the oldest drink recipe books. The "smash" comes from muddling mint and lemon wedges. Add the whisky of choice and shake well with ice. Strain into an ice-filled tumbler and garnish with a mint sprig. 

October - Mountain Harvest Whiskey Pumpkin Cocktail

Do you dress up for Halloween? You can sip one of the best whiskey cocktails in 2023 while greeting trick-or-treaters at the door. This cocktail uses pumpkin butter. If you cannot find it in the store, you can make it with pumpkin puree, apple juice, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Mix pumpkin butter with Whiskey, lime juice, and ginger ale (not ginger beer). Shake with ice and strain into a glass with a sugar cinnamon-edged rim. It's no trick, only a treat.

November - Whiskey Cranberry Cocktail

We have the third Thursday of every November to be thankful. Cranberries are traditional at Thanksgiving dinner. Combine Whiskey, cranberry juice, maple syrup, and orange bitters in a rocks glass. Add one large ice cube and pour whisky over it. If you have fresh cranberries, throw them in. Garnish with an orange peel. 

December - Christmas Whiskey Cocktail

HoHoHo. Can you taste the fruit cake? Shake Whiskey, orange juice, cranberry juice, ginger syrup, and club soda together with ice. Serve in a wine glass and garnish with fresh orange and cranberries. It will put the "Merry" into Christmas.

Have the Best Year with These Incredible Cocktails!

New Year's resolutions are fun to consider. Consider being adventurous this year and experiment with these fine whiskey cocktails. Try variations using different types of whiskeys and fruit flavors.

If you feel genuinely inspired, invent your own best whisky cocktail in 2023. Your specialty cocktail may even be a part of next year's menu. Nonetheless, whatever whiskey cocktail you enjoy at a given moment will always be one of the best.