Do you also get that angry stubborn pimple like skin condition that comes out of nowhere and keeps reoccurring , till it terraforms your whole face ? Well trust me you aren’t alone on this one . 

This Skin condition is popularly known as “Acne” and is a very common skin condition that is most likely to affect teenagers and young adults.

The struggle of acne amongst individuals has been a complicated one over the years , as individuals know little about acne control , not only can it become uncontrollably painful and overtime lead to acne scars , it has also ruined many individuals self esteem. 

We understand that having a great clear skin is a priority to you as an individual and having to find the best solutions possible to get rid of acne can be frustrating and likewise EMBARRASSING ! , that is why in this blog post , we will be revealing to you the best acne treatment and giving you all the answers to your questions no matter how bad your acne might be . 


We know sometimes it can be tempting to just squeeze or pop them , but you can’t just get rid of it easily without knowing why it’s there .

Our skin consists of numerous tiny glands that secretes oil (sebum) which is responsible for keeping our skin soft and smooth . 

When the pores of the skin get blocked or clogged by dirt , dead skin cells or bacteria , it stops the sebum oil from passing through the pores , which might then lead to over secretion and then cause the production of acne . 

Acne occurs when : 

  • there’s blockage of the skin pores
  • there’s over secretion of oil 
  • there’s enlargement of the skin follicles, allowing access of bacteria into the depths of the skin ,which ultimately causes inflammation of one skin . 


Although Skincare experts don’t know precisely why some individuals have acne and some don’t tend to experience any at all . 

There are a number of possible factors that may result to the production of acne and also worsen it . This possible factors may include : 

  • Hormonal Imbalance due to pregnancy or puberty
  • Using of Skincare or beauty products with much oil or  chemical content 
  • Genetics 
  • Stress 
  • Birth control pills 


Your acne can look very different from that of your besties , and the treatments they use might not work for you . 

Knowing your acne type  is very essential when it comes to getting it treated . 

Acne treatment depends on the type of its severity and skin sensitivity , so knowing your acne type will enable you to find what works best for you. 

Fortunately Belle Nubian Skincare  is specially made with YOU in mind . Our organic skincare products will help you overcome your skin troubles , no matter how bad it might be , we have just the right solution for you . 

Stay tuned while we reveal the types of acne and find out which is stopping your glow ! 


Whiteheads : 

This is a type of acne that occurs when the pores of the skin becomes clogged with oil (sebum) , dead skin cells and bacteria , which then develops a pus within and gives off a raised swelling that is not necessarily prominent . 

Whiteheads mostly occur on facial areas , such as nose , forehead , chin and mouth area. 


Blackheads :  

Unlike whiteheads , blackheads are open pores on the skin that are filled with oil and dead skin cells and are black in appearance . 

Blackheads mostly occur on the nose and mouth area , but can also appear on the forehead and other parts of the face. 



These are small red , itchy thickened bumps , sometimes called skin lesions , that are caused by skin bacteria and excess oil .

There are formed mostly in the nose , chin, cheeks,forehead and mouth area, sometimes on the neck,back, chest and shoulders.



These are typically papules that are filled with pus ,encircled with redness and risen above the skin and can come in different sizes . 

There are formed mostly on facial areas , back and chest and may develop on other parts of the body .



This type of acne is very severe as it results in very firm painful lumps to form under the skin and then appear as red bumps. It is caused when a skin bacteria that naturally lives on the skin gets trapped beneath the skin, mixed with oil , dirt and dead cells , which then leads to inflammation and unbearable pain. 

It mostly occurs on the face and any other part of the body and are quite large in size .