What is a Ballet Fitness workout?

Ballet fitness is a fusion of ballet moves and fitness techniques that has been growing rapidly in popularity across the globe, for those wanting to feel great and achieve the look of a dancer. Ballet fitness includes authentic ballet positions and ballet exercises that dancers work through to train and hone their physiques. Online Ballet Fitness workouts get you similar results, to sculpt and tone your body, achieve ballerina posture and become flexible, like a dancer (only you don't need a tutu or leg warmers to achieve it!)

Why does that make it the ultimate workout?

Did you know that Einstein described dancers as 'the athletes of God'? Well online ballet fitness workouts are extremely effective in creating a strong, lean, flexible physique because they follow the method dancers use day in and day out, to sculpt and tone their recognisably athletic, ballet fit bodies. When combined with fitness based conditioning, as well as exercises to improve balance and flexibility, ballet fitness followers see improved muscle strength, a more defined core and lean legs, cardiovascular improvements, as well as a refined ballerina posture. You'll start to feel the effects of a ballet fitness class immediately and the benefits continue to show as you progress. It really is the ultimate workout for those wanting to achieve a dancer-like body!

What are the benefits to taking up online ballet fitness?

If ballet fitness can get you a dancer honed body then online ballet fitness has even more benefits. From a practical perspective, online ballet fitness gives you the freedom to choose when and where you practice your workout. Scores of dance, ballet and barre fitness lovers workout from home, when on holiday, and even at work and at whatever time of the day or night they wish. This freedom allows for less distraction and more time for concentrating on you. And the physical and mental benefits of taking a ballet fitness class are abundant:

  • Increased stamina and cardiovascular health, as changing the body between ballet positions at speed raises the heart rate.

  • Sculpted, toned muscles in the core, quads, hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

  • Safe on the muscles and easy on the joints due to low impact exercises and a focus on technique and alignment.

  • Improved balance and proprioception from frequently standing on one leg and engaging the muscles in the supporting side and the abdominals.

  • Greater endurance in the arms and back, a more open chest and shoulder line and an elegant ballet posture.

  • Increased flexibility due to ballet fitness stretching increasing the body's range of motion to allow blood flow to the muscles. This in turn reduces muscle soreness and eases stress.

In addition to all these physical benefits, there are mental and emotional advantages to ballet fitness too. One of the most wonderful of these is that it significantly improves cognitive well being. During a single ballet fitness class, exercises to improve balance, co-ordination, rhythm and memory are included.

As for our emotional well-being, as adults, we love to revisit pastimes and activities we did as children. Ballet is often one of those hobbies that get left behind as we grow into adulthood. Adult ballet classes create positive emotions through revisiting memories. They are often full of students who love the feeling of dancing either because they never had the chance to experience a ballet class as a child or because they did not carry it on as adults.

How do I find an Online Ballet Fitness workout?

It is easier than ever to learn anything online since the pandemic and online ballet fitness classes are no exception. One British ballet fitness company - Sleek Ballet Fitness - has been exclusively online for nearly a decade which means there is an extensive streaming library of ballet videos, including adult ballet barre classes, ballet technique programs and ballet bootcamp fitness workouts available.

Anyone can try ballet fitness and they are accessible to all. If you feel like you still need the accountability of turning up to a ballet barre class to keep you motivated, live interactive ballet fitness classes are an excellent solution with daily, two way interactive live classes that anyone can join with the help of a qualified ballet fitness instructor.

Finally, from a practical perspective, online ballet fitness classes save you time and money. They take the legwork out of being in a dance fitness gym or studio. You only need a small amount of space and can set up your 'home studio' where you are comfortable. You don't need to spend time on driving to your class, finding parking, waiting for a changing room spot or waiting for class to start. Plus it's more cost effective too!

How do I start with Online Ballet Fitness?

Like anything in life, start at the beginning and learn your way up! You could try an online ballet fitness program that has everything set out for you while you become familiar with the ballet fitness terms and techniques. Look for a beginner online ballet fitness program, fully prepped for you to follow along with. 14 - 28 days is a good time goal to set yourself. It gives you the chance to start seeing and feeling the great results online ballet fitness gives - you'll be hooked!

To take part in your ballet fitness classes, wear something comfortable to move in that makes you feel good - if you want to go for more traditional dance wear like a leotard you can, but active wear is also a perfect choice. Bare feet or socks are fine, no trainers. You only need a small amount of space, about enough to have a yoga mat and a chair to hand (to use as a ballet barre if required).

So grab some water and you're ready to get started on your ultimate ballet fitness workout regime from home.